Breakthroughs in Biblical Research Revealed in New Book

“Science Proving Creationism” (ISBN: 9780961809850), by Professor Solomon Huriash, is the only such book on the market that literally proves that every verse of the biblical story of creation is in tune with the teachings of modern science. . A project like this has never been done before.

“For the Genesis 1 translations that allowed us to achieve the breakthroughs, we used the words according to their meaning in Biblical Hebrew at the time of Exodus,” Huriash explains.

QUESTION: How was it humanly possible for Moses 3,500 years ago to know all the basic details of the creation story, and in their exact chronological order, when modern science only started 75 years ago? to understand it? This question is answered when we finish reading Chapter 1 and realize that we now have a justification for belief that does not require blind faith. There are myriad other ramifications for these findings which would include bringing us all closer together in the fight against anti-Semitism.While these discoveries should bring joy to theologians, both Christian and Jewish, they have a purely academic problem, for we also showed biblical proof in Chapter 2 that Adam was not the first created man (although was the first man to know the Lord), and the world is not 6,000 years old. This is a blow to Young Earth theorists. Chapter 2 also destroys many erroneous impressions from reading the history of the Garden of Eden, for we noted that people never wore fig leaf garments and that the wearing of fig leaf garments was only a metaphorical expression for offering. a poor excuse (which Adam and Eve did after being confronted for eating from the forbidden tree). Adam and Eve were not forgiven and had to leave Utopia because they would not accept full responsibility for their contrition offerings as they blamed others. Other chapters deal with biblical riddles and tackle the question of who should control the “Promised Land”. Readers will be surprised to learn that the Muslim Quran indicates that the “Promised Land” is to be possessed by the Children of Israel.Chapter 11 exposes the deceptive concept of beauty and truth of the Ten Commandments art form icon enclosed in two stones connected at the round top. The two round-topped stones were intended to represent tombstones as this art form was created by English artists in the 11th century to argue that the laws of the Jews were dead. Evidence from this period of history and how Jews came to wear an image of this symbol on their clothing in public is presented in detail.

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