Best debt consolidation loans for fall 2021

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Consolidating debts with a loan can allow you to combine multiple amounts into one payment. Sometimes, it comes with a lower rate of interest. (iStock).

Consider a consolidation loan for your debts if there are too many credit card bills or too many bills.

Consolidating your debt with personal loans is possible by paying off high-interest debts. Then, you can replace them with a single loan at a lower fixed monthly rate. But, as with all credit products, debt consolidation loans also have its advantages and drawbacks. This article covers both.

How does a consolidation loan help with debt?

A personal loan for consolidation is a loan you take out in order to pay off existing debt. In other words, the loan will refinance your existing debt.

A debt consolidation loan usually comes with a lower interest rates than credit cards. So your new loan might have lower monthly payments than your current debt. You may be able to consolidate your debt faster. It is also easier to keep track of one monthly installment than the multiple due dates and amounts you have with your current debt.

Your credit score will have an effect on how much interest you can get on a consolidation loan. lower credit score means you may be eligible for a more favorable rate. You will want to ensure the debt consolidation loan you take out has a lower rate than the current rate on your debt.

Additionally, once you have paid off the initial balance of your credit cards with a consolidation loan, it is crucial to avoid adding new debt.

Credible makes it easy to comparison rates for debt consolidation personal loan from multiple creditors.

Best fall 2021 debt consolidation loans

Here are some lenders to consider when shopping for a personal loans for debt consolidation. These lenders have been selected as Credible partners.


Avant may offer you a personal loans even if it isn’t good credit. However, keep in mind that there may be origination fees and other fees.

  • Minimum credit score 500
  • Loan terms$2,000 to 35,000
  • Fees Origination: Origination up to 4.75%, late or dishonoured payment
  • Can be used for:People of poor or fair credit


Axos provides a quick, easy and efficient application. According to the lender, it takes less than three minutes. To qualify for Axos, however you’ll need to have good credit.

  • Minimum credit score740
  • Loan terms$5,000- $50,000
  • FeesOrigination (1 to 2%), late, and insufficient funds
  • Might be suitable for:People of good credit


Best Egg says it can quickly determine if you’re eligible for a loan.

  • Minimum credit score600
  • Loan terms$2,000-$50,000
  • FeesOrigination (0.99%-5.99%).
  • Could be useful for:People that need to make a decision quickly on their loan


Discover offers personal loans without any origination fees. We offer seven-day customer service and loan funds return within 30 days.

  • Minimum credit score
  • Loan terms$2,500-$35,000
  • Late Fees:Late
  • Could be for:People with the ability to repay their loans quickly


A FreedomPlus Loan to Pay Off Debt may allow you to qualify for a lower interest rate.

  • Minimum credit score: Not disclosed
  • Loan terms$7.500 to $50,000.
  • FeesOrigination (1.99%- 4.99%).
  • May be useful for:Those who take out a loan to pay off debt


LendingClub pays your creditors directly once you’re approved.

  • Minimum credit score600
  • Loan terms$1,000 to $45,000
  • FeesOrigination 3% to 66%, late
  • Might be suitable for:People looking to have their loans paid directly


LendingPoint claims that their technology can help you find the right loan for your situation.

  • Minimum credit score580
  • Loan terms$2,000-$36,500
  • FeesOrigination
  • It might be useful for:People with low credit scores


LightStream offers personal loan options up to $100,000. The loan can be delivered within 24 hours.

  • Minimum credit score
  • Loan terms$5,000 to $100,000.
  • FeesNone
  • These people might be a good fit for:People needing a larger loan

Marcus Goldman Sachs

Marcus offers customers the opportunity to skip a single month by making 12 timely payments.

  • Minimum credit score
  • Loan terms$3,500 and $40,000
  • FeesNone
  • For: Individuals who want to skip the monthly payment

OneMain Financial

OneMain Financial does NOT require a minimum Credit Score, which makes this an attractive option for those trying to establish credit.

  • Minimum credit score
  • Loan terms$1,500 to $25,000
  • FeesOrigination (1%-10% of $25-500 or $25-500), late, and insufficient funds
  • Suitable for:People with low credit scores

Payoff loans are intended to consolidate credit card debt. According to the company, customers can see an average credit score growth of 40 points within three months.

  • Minimum credit score600
  • Loan terms$5,000 up to $40,000
  • FeesOrigination
  • Might be suitable for:People with large credit card bills

PenFed provides the lowest loans available with a minimum of $600.

  • Minimum credit score670
  • Loan terms$600 to $50,000.
  • FeesLate, insufficient funds
  • Ideal for: Persons who are in urgent need of a small loan


Prosper provides multiple loan options from investors. Therefore, you might have several different rates or terms within one place.

  • Minimum credit score
  • Loan terms$2,000 up to $40,000
  • FeesOrigination (2.41%-5%) – check payment, late payments and insufficient money
  • Could be useful for:People interested in different loan options

SoFi offers “unemployment Protection”, which suspends your payments if a job is lost. It also helps you find a new job.

  • Minimum credit score: Not disclosed
  • Loan terms$5,000 to $100,000.
  • FeesNone
  • Might be helpful for:People going through career transition

Universal Credit

Universal Credit’s minimum Credit Score is among the lowest on the Market, so it’s a good choice if you are still building credit.

  • Minimum credit score 570
  • Loan terms$1,000-$50,000
  • FeesOrigination (4.25%–8%), late
  • It might be good:People working on their credit

Upgrade allows you to quickly compare the monthly payments for different loan terms.

  • Minimum credit score 570
  • Loan terms $1,000 – $50,000
  • FeesOrigination (2.9% up to 8%), later
  • It might be for:People who are trying to figure out what size loan will work best for their budget


Upstart considers your credit score in making a loan decision. It also looks at your education record and job history.

  • Minimum credit score580
  • Loan terms $1,000 – $50,000
  • FeesOrigination (0 to 8%), late insufficient funds or paper copy
  • Who might Be a good choice? Those with a strong record of performance at school or at work

There are other lenders that can consider

These lenders are not credible partners. Therefore, you won’t find an easy way to compare your rates with their rates on the Credible platform. However, these lenders might be worth looking into if you’re in need of a loan consolidation.


Figure’s loan application may be completed online. However you can call support seven days per week.

  • Minimum credit score680
  • Loan terms$5,000 up to $50,000
  • FeesOrigination
  • Helpful for:People who need assistance with their applications

Rocket Loans

Rocket Loans will make a preapproval decision quickly and then fund loans that same day.

  • Minimum credit score
  • Loan terms$2,000 to $45,000
  • FeesOrigination (1 to 6%), late, and insufficient funds
  • Could be for:Those who are in urgent need of their money

Wells Fargo

Wells Fargo can finance personal loans in as little as 24 hours. Customers who have Wells Fargo accounts receive discounts.

  • Minimum credit score: Not disclosed
  • Loan terms$3,000 up to $100,000
  • FeesLate, insufficient funds
  • Useful for:People with Wells Fargo


Credible evaluated which personal loan companies were the best based upon factors like customer experience and minimum fixed rate. Maximum loan amount, funding terms, fees, funding time, loan terms, and fees. Credible’s team of experts collected information from each lender’s website and customer service department. They also provided email support. Each data point was checked to verify that it was correct.

How can a loan be obtained to consolidate debts?

These steps will help you get started with a personal debt consolidation loan.

  • Take stock. Make list of all debts. Consolidate . Take stock of all your accounts. Make sure to include the company name, balance and account number. Noting the due dates is important as you don’t want to miss any payments while you’re working on your loan applications. Add all the outstanding balances together to determine how much consolidation loan you will require.
  • Compare quotes from multiple lenders to compare the best rates, fees, terms, and conditions. Credible allows you to quickly and easily compare offers from different lenders.
  • Fill out an online form to receive a prequalification and a personalized quote. Prequalifying is usually done by a soft credit screening. This means that the lender pulls credit information to give an accurate assessment. These “soft pulls”, which don’t affect credit scores, are not considered credit. You will usually need to use the Social Security number.
  • Apply. Once a lender has been selected, the company will offer instructions on how you can proceed from the prequalifying stage. You’ll typically need to provide a little more information for the formal application.
  • Close. Closing for a personal mortgage to consolidate your debt typically takes only a few days. You will need to sign documents acknowledging your agreement with the loan. The proceeds will then be deposited into you bank account.

You can examine rates from multiple lenders and apply to a personal Loan via Credible.

How do I save on a debt consolidation loan?

A debt consolidation loan could help you save significant money on your monthly debt payments, especially if you have high interest debt. You can pay your debt off in a shorter time span while paying tens of thousands more interest.

Let’s assume that $10,000 of credit card debt has an average APR 29%. Most credit card companies require you to make a minimum payment of $200-400 per month. If you paid $245 per month, your total debt would be paid off in 15 years. Plus, you’d still have to pay $34,000 in interest. Let’s assume your APR doesn’t change, and your balance isn’t increased with new charges.

With a $10,000 loan consolidation for five years, an interest rate at 14.35% on the Credible marketplace, you would pay $235 per month. This is similar to your minimum monthly payment on your credit cards. However, you’ll finish the loan in five years and only pay over $4,000 of interest. A 7-year personal mortgage would result in a $189 monthly payment and a total interest bill of $5,900. You can quickly get out of debt with much less effort and cost.

Which factors should I consider when getting a consolidation loan to consolidate my debts?

Consider the following factors when you compare your loan options .

  • Rate of interest and APR — An interest rate is what you pay in order to borrow money. This is how a lender makes money. You will most likely see this as an APR, or annual percent rate. This is a more comprehensive measure that includes fees and the interest rate. It represents the true cost associated with borrowing money. The lower your APR and monthly payments, the more interest you’ll pay over its life. Higher credit scores can usually qualify for the lowest rates.
  • Fees Although not all lenders charge fees they do. The origination fee is usually a percentage charge on the loan amount. It is one of most common. This money is deducted directly from the loan amount. You will likely be able find a personal debt consolidation loan that doesn’t charge origination fees if you have outstanding credit. Lenders could also charge additional fees, such as an origination fee, prepayment penalty, late payment fees, and application fees.
  • Loan terms Your loan term is the time period you have to repay. Payback terms can be as short or long as 7 years. The shorter your term will be, the lower your monthly repayment will be. But you will eventually pay more interest over its life. The term should be as short as possible, with a monthly amount that fits within your budget.

Debt consolidation loan alternatives

An individual loan to consolidate your debt is not the only option. Here are some options that you might want to consider:

  • Balance transfer credit card – These cards let you transfer balances to them and not pay any interest for up to six months. This allows you to consolidate your debt and not incur new interest fees. After the introductory period, which is 0%, you’ll have to pay a much higher interest. Transferring your balance could result in fees. To be eligible for a 0% Card, you will need good to excellent credit.
  • Home equity loan – You might have equity in your home. Equity is simply the difference between your mortgage payment and the value of your home. With a home loan or home equity credit line (HELOC), banks and lenders will let you borrow against that equity. These loans generally have lower interest rate than debt consolidation loans. However, closing costs may be higher and your home could go into foreclosure if payments aren’t made on time.
  • loan This is where you may be able get a loan against the money your company has saved for retirement. These loans come with lower interest rates and won’t adversely affect your credit score. You will not be earning as much during the loan period and you may need to repay the money sooner if you lose your job. You could also be subject to tax penalties if the money is not repaid on time.

Comparison shopping to get personal loans by using Credible can help you find the best option for your debt consolidation loan.

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