A loan at the client’s home – how does it work? What are the advantages of such a loan?

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Sometimes you can find the opinion that in the Internet age loans at the client’s home are dinosaurs on the non-bank loan market. Nothing could be more wrong. A loan at the client’s home is a very convenient, secure and still extremely popular form of incurring financial obligations. What is the customer’s home loan? What are the benefits of a home service loan? How to use it? Who can apply for a loan at the client’s home?


A loan at the client’s home – what is it?

home loan at the client

Household loans appeared on the Polish financial market in the 1990s and quickly gained a lot of supporters. The most important distinguishing feature of a home loan is that you can make a commitment and then pay it back in installments at your home. All you have to do is make an appointment with the lender’s representative so that he can come to the address and help you complete all formalities. After signing the contract, the representative hands the customer a certain amount in cash.

A loan at the client’s home is an alternative to financial products granted on-site at the lender’s office or via the Internet.


Advantages of a customer loan at home

Advantages of a customer loan at home

A loan at the client’s home is a convenient way to take out a loan that many people still use. Despite the intensive development of loan services on the Internet, there is a large group of customers who prefer personal contact with a representative of a loan company. In such cases a loan at the client’s home is a great solution.

The most important advantages of a home loan

  • The loan can be taken without having a bank account – this eliminates the need for a verification transfer; cash goes directly to the customer’s hands
  • A convenient solution for the elderly – most lenders provide services via the Internet, and older people are not always sufficiently familiar with these issues. They prefer a face-to-face meeting with a consultant
  • No need to leave the house – you don’t have to leave the house to get money. This is important for people who, for example, have mobility problems or fulfill duties that require their constant presence at home
  • No obligation to make regular bank transfers – a loan company representative regularly arrives for cash at the client’s home. Thanks to this, you don’t have to remember to make a transfer
  • Possibility to adjust the date of the lender representative’s visit – customers have the option of adjusting the date of the loan company’s representative to other activities – working hours, leaving home, trips, etc.
  • Quick explanation of any doubts – if any doubts and ambiguities arise when signing the contract, the client can ask the loan company employee to clarify them
  • Loan for any purpose – it is not required to specify the purpose for which the funds are to be allocated


How do you get a home loan?

How do you get a home loan?

There are several ways to get a home service loan.

1. Making a phone call to the Customer Service Office to the number provided by the loan company

2. Sending an SMS to the Customer Service Office to the number provided by the loan company

A loan consultant will contact us to discuss the details and date of the visit.

3. Use the form on the loan company’s website. Specify the number of installments and the loan amount you are interested in. It is also necessary to provide basic personal data to verify the borrower.

The granting of a non-bank loan depends on the positive assessment of the customer’s creditworthiness.


Who can take advantage of the customer’s home loan?

Who can take advantage of the customer

The clients of companies providing home-based loans are mainly people who cannot or for some reason do not want to take advantage of bank loans and online loans. It is often dictated by the lack of a bank account, a negative credit decision in the bank or the inability to leave the house.

A non-bank loan at the client’s home can be obtained by persons who:

  • are over 18 years old
  • they live in Poland and have a permanent address
  • are Polish citizens
  • they have an ID card
  • have a cell phone number
  • they are not entered in the registers as debtors who do not regulate their obligations, including in BIK, BIG InfoMonitor, KRD, ERIF
  • have full legal capacity
  • complete an application or contact the loan company’s Customer Service Department
  • they will receive a positive credit decision after applying for a loan
  • accept the terms of service by signing the loan agreement


How do I return money in a home loan?

How do I return money in a home loan?

When signing the contract, the customer receives a schedule of repayment. He should read it carefully. In the case of home-based loans, installments are most often collected weekly, rather than monthly as for other types of loans. When the repayment date arrives, you must have a designated amount of money with you. A loan company representative will come to your home and collect your cash. After collecting the loan installment, the consultant should leave confirmation of receipt of the money. For the customer it is an important document, a certificate that he has repaid the installment of the commitment.

Sometimes it is also possible to pay the liability by bank transfer, for example when we leave for a longer vacation or change our place of residence. Thanks to this, the fact that we took out a loan will not negatively affect our other plans.

If you ever encounter problems paying your loan installments on time, you should contact a loan company representative. After explaining that we do not have enough funds, the consultant usually tries to find a solution and thus help. Non-bank companies have at their disposal various instruments that help in repaying the liability, for example deferring the payment deadline.


How high can the customer’s home loan be?

How high can the customer

The amount of the loan without leaving home can be up to $15,000, it all depends on the offer of the given loan company. This obligation may be spread over a minimum period of ten weeks. The maximum loan repayment time is 104 weeks. Thanks to this, the customer can adjust the amount of the installment of the commitment to his financial capabilities.

Regardless of the amount of the loan and how long repayment period we decide, before signing the contract it is necessary to read all the provisions of the document. A deliberate borrowing of money allows you to save the right amount in your home budget for repayment of subsequent installments, thus avoiding excessive debt.


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